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X3 factchecking

I seem to be writing "five things that didn't happen at the end of X3" instead of the genderfuck Mystique/Destiny story I'm stuck on. (It's always so much easier to write the story I'm *not* writing.) Anyone willing to help me with a couple of small points of X3 canon that I can't seem to remember?

Apparently, when Moira appeared on video, I was too busy going "OMG, Moira!" to register how she introduced herself. Did she give any job title, or mention where she works?

Specifically: is there any reason to believe that the comatose man is or is not a mutant? (If she's on Muir Island, I would assume that he probably is.) And if I made a throwaway reference to her having students, would that be a problem?

Also, when they're in the X-Jet on the way to Alcatraz, do I remember right that Logan is sitting up in the co-pilot's seat next to Ororo?
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