Cel (c_elisa) wrote,

Fight the hegəmony

Someone posted this to the English Wikipedia mailing list today. It's the start of an argument on the discussion page for Elision:
Oh, I deliberately used my version of showing speech because I dispute the IPA's. I deny the existence of the schwa, I object to r/R sounds as being difthongs, I refute its status of r and R as consonants but as vowels, I object to its fictive prescription of whether whichever words are aspirated or unaspirated, I object to its using lone or blended glyfs for clusters as careless overlooking of the intention of the key as showing a one-to-one relationship between sound and glyf, and as no part of speech was given to the words in my list. Do you wish to obscure my work from accuracy?
Ah, Wikipedia. There's no better source of information, as long as the only thing you want to know about is the diversity of cranks.
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