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Magneto in Prison

Nothing for a year, then two in a night! Drabbles are fun. This one is Xavier/Magneto slash.

Conjugal Visit

"What sort of visit?"

"It was the only way they'd let me in to see you," Xavier explains patiently. "By the way, do you remember calling me naive for saying it might someday be possible to come out?"

"What does your current paramour think of this?" Ignoring Xavier's question. "Who is it, Charles? That man with all the fascinating metal... no? Who then?" A beat. Then Magneto raises his eyebrows and says mockingly: "Well. Wild swans and telepaths."

Xavier snorts. "Mad dogs and Englishmen."

A laugh. "Set up the chessmen, Charles. We'll tell them it's how we mate."

"Isn't it?"


Author's Note: proverbially, wild swans mate for life.

This one is sort of a reworking of the epilogue that I've decided not to add to my WIP series. The hint that Charles and Erik were interested in gay politics at a time when the outlook was about as grim as it is for mutants in the movie comes from the third story in the series -- the very one that's kicking my ass right now -- which basically takes the fact that Senator Kelly is an obvious clone of Joseph McCarthy and runs with it.


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